• Department & Discount Stores77 0.0%
  • Gasoline Service Stations73-2.7%
  • Health & Personal Care Stores77-2.5%
  • Internet Retail825.1%
  • Specialty Retail Stores79-1.3%
  • Supermarkets76-2.6%
Airlines69 0.0%
Ambulatory Care79-3.7%
Athletic Shoes80-1.2%
Automobiles & Light Vehicles82-1.2%
Cellular Telephones782.6%
Computer Software76 0.0%
Consumer Shipping81-3.6%
Cooperative Utilities81-2.4%
Credit Unions85 0.0%
Department & Discount Stores77 0.0%
Federal Government64.4-2.6%
Fixed-Line Telephone Service73-1.4%
Food Manufacturing821.2%
Full-Service Restaurants821.2%
Gasoline Service Stations73-2.7%
Health & Personal Care Stores77-2.5%
Health Insurance70-4.1%
Internet Brokerage822.5%
Internet Portal & Search Engines805.3%
Internet News & Opinion741.4%
Internet Retail825.1%
Internet Service Providers63-3.1%
Internet Social Media714.4%
Internet Travel771.3%
Investor-Owned Utilities75-2.6%
Life Insurance80-3.6%
Limited-Service Restaurants80 0.0%
Local Government65.8-6.5%
Household Appliances80 0.0%
Municipal Utilities76 0.0%
Personal Care & Cleaning Products82-1.2%
Personal Computers78-1.3%
Property & Casualty Insurance79-2.5%
Soft Drinks82-2.4%
Specialty Retail Stores79-1.3%
Subscription Television Service65-4.4%
Telephone service72 0.0%
Televisions & Video Players861.2%
U.S. Postal Service72-6.5%
Wireless Telephone Service72 0.0%

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CCSI Campaign - I'm not sure we want this here.

Contact Center Satisfaction Index 2012

How does my call center stack up and what are the latest trends? Find out in the Contact Center Satisfaction Index 2012 (CCSI) report. This year’s report on the state of the industry reviews trends and uncovers new insights:

  • Overall satisfaction scores continue a five year upward trend.
  • Social media’s primary role in the contact center is customer “damage control."
  • Servicing via social media boosts customer satisfaction by 15-20%.
  • Non-call contacts for customer service now exceed 30%.

Access the Data

Do you want more than the highlights we’ve pulled together? Receive full access to our data to get complete industry views, and slice-and-dice to meet your needs.



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2012 marks an important change to the annual CCSI study. Since its initial fielding, the proportion of non-call interactions reported by our respondents reached 30%. To reflect this shift, we are renaming the Index from “Call” to “Contact” Center Satisfaction Index.