• Automobiles & Light Vehicles82-1.2%
  • Internet Portal & Search Engines80+5.3%
  • Internet News & Opinion74+1.4%
  • Internet Social Media71+4.4%
  • Household Appliances80 0.0%
  • Personal Computers78-1.3%
  • Televisions & Video Players86+1.2%
Airlines69 0.0%
Ambulatory Care79-3.7%
Apparel79 0.0%
Athletic Shoes811.3%
Automobiles & Light Vehicles82-1.2%
Breweries81 0.0%
Cellular Telephones782.6%
Computer Software76 0.0%
Consumer Shipping81-3.6%
Cooperative Utilities81-2.4%
Credit Unions853.7%
Department & Discount Stores77 0.0%
Federal Government66.1-3.4%
Fixed-Line Telephone Service73-1.4%
Food Manufacturing82+1.2%
Full-Service Restaurants82+1.2%
Gasoline Service Stations752.7%
Health & Personal Care Stores792.6%
Health Insurance73+1.4%
Internet Brokerage802.6%
Internet Portal & Search Engines80+5.3%
Internet News & Opinion74+1.4%
Internet Retail78-4.9%
Internet Service Providers63-3.1%
Internet Social Media71+4.4%
Internet Travel771.3%
Investor-Owned Utilities75-2.6%
Life Insurance832.5%
Limited-Service Restaurants80 0.0%
Local Government70.4+1.9%
Household Appliances80 0.0%
Municipal Utilities76 0.0%
Personal Care & Cleaning Products83 0.0%
Personal Computers78-1.3%
Property & Casualty Insurance81+3.8%
Soft Drinks84 0.0%
Specialty Retail Stores802.6%
Subscription Television Service65-4.4%
Telephone service72 0.0%
Televisions & Video Players86+1.2%
U.S. Postal Service72-6.5%
Wireless Telephone Service72 0.0%

Measuring the Voice of Small Business

In partnership with Bank of America,
CFI Group presents the inaugural results of
the Small Business Forecast 2014.